Tim has proven time and time again how to be successful. He has served as a mentor, a friend, a teacher, and as a coach, while maintaining a standard that pushes all of those around him. I look up to him and admire his ability to build a team, and provide all others around the best opportunity to be successful. He is my resource when it comes to sports performance. That includes training theory, strength and conditioning, wellness, equipment, biomechanics, recovery, and it may go without saying all track & field events. Bottom line is I am better when I am with Tim O'Neill, and he gave me the opportunity to coach T&F 9 years ago as his assistant at Assumption HS. -Russell Peterson
Assistant Track & Field Coach
University of Iowa

I've known Tim for more than 20 years. We competed together and his enthusiasm, passion and toughness has carried over into his professional career.  He has single handily improved our basketball program by installing a top notch strength and conditioning for our athletes. His knowledge and work-ethic is second to none and I feel very lucky to call Tim a friend.
-Matt Woodley
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Truman State University

The partnership that we have with Tim O’Neill is a tremendous asset to Waukee Athletics.  His knowledge, expertise, customer service and attention to detail have been a big part of our athletic successes across the program as we’ve transitioned to 4A.
-Jim Duea
Athletic Director
Waukee HS

Tim was a big part of taking our program to the National level. He volunteered a lot of time and energy in developing and implementing a strength and conditioning program for my team. His program took my players to new levels in their strength, speed and quickness, helping us win the conference regular season championship, with an undefeated record of 14-0, and making a National appearance!
-Amy Eagan
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Ashford University

I have known Tim O’Neill for twenty years.  From his days as a standout athlete, through his successful coaching career.
Tim personally impacted my life when we enrolled our daughter who was a sophomore at that time, in the ACCELERATION program in Davenport, Iowa. Tim coordinated this program, a program that develops sprinting speed. It was during this program that I realized that not only did Tim have a storehouse of knowledge regarding training an athlete, but he also possesses something rarely found these days, he cares about  the athlete.  As a father I cannot begin to tell how important this was to my daughter and our family. I also cannot count the personal phone calls I received from Tim with his ideas and strategies when my daughter was going through a rough spot. Because of his concern and problem solving, my daughter went on to a very successful high school and college track career. Tim continued to monitor our daughter's track career with suggestions and ideas long after she had completed the ACCELERATION program. Knowing the heart and drive of Tim O’Neill, I would recommend him or his company without any doubt, for any endeavor he pursues.
-Daniel Bark

I regularly get request from World Class track and endurance athletes to contribute to their season plans. This will often encompass treatment recommendations, self-care instructions, ancillary work and quite often guidance on the development of their strength and conditioning plans.  I like to keep experts on call to aide in the developmental process.  When it comes to the S&C component--my first call is always Tim.  He knows the science but doesn’t get lost in the details. He knows the “rules”—but isn’t afraid to break them. He listens, considers, and is never dismissive.  Most importantly he understands the athlete is not a chapter in a physiology book.
One I recommend without hesitation.
-John Ball, DC, CSCS
Maximum Mobility Chiropractic

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tim O’Neill on many occasions and in multiple different capacities.  He has shown an unparalleled affinity for success, most notably as a coach and strength and conditioning specialist.   His advanced knowledge in these two disciplines has directly led to training innovations within the sport of track and field.   The combination of event specific, functional weight training and low-impact speed work has produced one of the elite high school programs in the state of Iowa.   He has been recognized multiple times as Iowa High School Coach of the Year.  In addition to coaching at the high school level, Tim is currently working with multiple professional distance runners.  He is a leading force in changing the theory of distance training that has prevailed in this country for years.  Being an advocate of change is not easy, but his tireless effort has been noticed.  His personal cadre of athletes is expanding every day.  Tim has continually demonstrated an intense desire to better himself through formal continuing education, independent study and personal experience.  This ongoing pursuit of self-improvement is undoubtedly the impetus for his accomplishments.  Holding multiple USATF level II certifications, he is one of the most qualified coaches in the sport of track and field.  This certification, along with his coaching experience and medical background make Tim one of the foremost authorities on strength training in the nation.  If you have the opportunity to work with Tim on either a recreational or professional level, I would strongly encourage it.  I consult with him often regarding rehabilitation and principles related to strength specific training.  He is both a colleague and a friend, someone who I trust fully. 
-Charles J Stelk, PT, MPT, CSCS
Core Medical

I have no doubt that the training I received from Tim O’Neill was a key reason I reached the levels of success that I did as a track and field athlete. Because I believed in what Tim can do for young athletes, I coached with him at Assumption High School. I now feel strongly that if he had been my high school coach, it would have taken my career to whole new levels. He has such love, knowledge, and dedication to the sport I would strongly encourage any parent to send their athletes to Tim for the very best.
-Audra Adams
Former Athlete and Assistant Coach

For the past ten years, Tim O'Neill has built the Assumption High School track and field program into one of the best in the state. It’s because of his individualized approach to each athlete - tailoring strength, speed and endurance that make his program and athletes succeed.  My personal experience working with Tim to develop my talents in high school helped me achieve success as a heptathlete as a member of the University of South Carolina track and field team and the SEC. I highly recommend working with Tim to develop your mechanics and strength, as his coaching brings results.
-Chelsea Kaczmarek
Former Athlete

One of the signs of a good coach is one who never stops coaching. This seems obvious, but it means that a good coach is there for their athletes even after they have moved on to other things. This is one of the qualities Tim O’Neill has. As a track and football athlete of his, he is still there for me long after my graduation from high school in 2005. He helped me get through injuries, and picked me up after tough races while I was running for the University of Northern Iowa. From the start, I knew I always had Tim in my corner and that gave me confidence. That confidence allowed me to raise my expectations and strive for ambitious goals. If I had never decided to run track, I would not have been the person I am today because I would not have had Tim as a coach. He helped shape me in to becoming the fiercest, most disciplined, most dedicated competitor I could be.  Tim brought the best out of me, and I will be forever grateful for his positive influence. I would recommend Tim O’Neill as a coach at any level because he is a coach that will allow you to succeed beyond your potential. He will never stop working to make you a better athlete, and will always be there when you need him.
-Michael Craddick
Former Athlete